About Us

MS Group

The Motisons Group, a conglomerate in every sense, holds a diversified portfolio of interests from jewelry to real-estate and shares and commodities as well. With a robust presence in the share market, we address investor needs through some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. The group also offers online trading in more than 52 future commodities. Combining years of rich experience and its inventive customer-oriented approach, the group has grown to become one of the largest retail future brokers.

Considering the up market trends in luxury real-estate, the group has also expanded its roots in real estate development and is establishing an ultra premium township in the city of Jaipur. With its core expertise in design and penchant for luxury, the project has already created a huge stir in the market.

With brilliant infrastructure, highly skilled manpower and most importantly, an extremely aggressive approach to its initiatives, Motisons truly promises to be renowned business house of modern India.

Amidst the Pink City, Motisons Jewellers stands tall, redefining its sheen and lustre like never before. The shielding palisade of the showroom is the witness to world-class jewelry we offer and the trust of our clientele in our brand. The treasure-house of legacy which is an architectural marvel of the urban world; the magmas of unimaginable configuration, is a home to the enchanting ensemble of priceless gemstones-studded jewelry. The golden welkin of the showroom and its enchanting efficacy multiplies its existing enigma worldwide.

Motisons Jewellers

In today’s modern times, a spectacular piece of jewelry can completely alter even the most versatile outfit, making it a preference and necessity for every woman. Jewelry has been adorning people since times immemorial. It is an item of everyday life that has a larger significance than many people realize. We use jewelry to add an extra dazzle to an outfit, whether it is in the form of a bracelet, earrings, cufflinks, or even a watch. These beautiful concoctions of rare gems and diamonds being held by high quality gold, platinum or silver are priceless regardless of their size.

At Motisons, “All that glitters is not only Gold, but diamonds, rubies, sapphires and much more...”

Motisons, the name in itself strikes a perfect chord when it comes to immaculate jewelry. Our designs echo an earthly power of priceless, precious stones, engraved to perfection. We, as a brand are acknowledged for its jewelry that defies the cultural boundaries and truly reflects the artistic edge of its master craftsmen. In line with the trending styles in fashion, we offer intricate Diamond, Gold and Silver jewelry from handmade Indian ethnic to the cutting edge styles of the urban world. Celebrating the feminine lustre in its efficacious ways, Motisons pieces inspire every woman to appreciate, own and treasure it for a lifetime; radiating nothing else, but luxury.

Even today, the brand treasures the historic, handcrafted jewelry design skills of its master artisans that date back to generations. Using the highest quality and rarest of stones, the elaborate masterpieces of Motisons jewelry will continue to rule for years to come.

Hands do all the talking in the jeweled premises of Motisons, roping in the timelessness and bringing out excellence with the most assorted and immaculate lapidary. True to their heritage, the jewelry adheres to the aesthetic and modern times which are pretty much visible in the vast collection of the jewelry.

Motisons has quite literally charmed its way into the hearts of its innumerous clientele with exquisitely crafted jewelry that is sophisticated as well as ethnic at the same time. So whether you are searching for that one ring you can’t take your eyes off, or those stunning pair of earrings, or perhaps one of those breath-taking necklaces, look no further because it’s here, where perfection lies!


Not so long ago, a group of diligent individuals inhibiting the old-world values, grounded to their roots and traditions followed the principle “To provide customers with a diverse range of choices, introduce high-end technology and at the same time preserve the traditional designs and craftsmanship.”

With the belief that “It’s not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are!” the team of Motisons Group started operations through a small outlet by manufacturing simple, yet classy jewelry. Minutely observing the customer-satisfaction and precision in work, they managed to expand the stand-alone store to an astounding ‘four-outlet ‘company. At a time when diversifying and innovations were at their peak, the Motisons Group successfully ventured into commodities in 2002, Stock Markets in 2004, followed by Construction in 2008. Since then, there was no looking back.

Running and developing such a brand could not be done without a rigorous set of values and principles. Over the years Motisons has proved to be the most rooted brand when it comes to cultural and ethical set of values with its clients, suppliers and staff. Endowed with a set of ethics and a sense of loyalty, the Motisons Group has reached such a high degree of integration.

Motisons - The Brand

Motisons! Reckoned worldwide for its pristine jewelry range and combining years of rich experience, has succeeded in embedding a repute that is beyond magical. A hallmark of purity, the brand is recognized for its creativity and constant evolution.

At Motisons, we recognize that the dazzling diamonds and shimmering gemstones can immortalize life’s most precious moments. Therefore, we believe in proffering an unparallel collection of exquisite jewelry and an exclusive shopping experience to the customers. Each piece is designed to be reflective of an individual’s personal style and fashion. Uncompromising attention is given to details, using only the finest materials and marvelous nuance of colors.

Motisons has very soon captured the global market with its precious artworks, individuality and authenticity with a high degree of exclusivity while retaining the values. With multifaceted designs, your most priced jewelry is made in the most meticulous craftsmanship.

Vision and Mission

The quest for excellence in every step is the watchword of Motisons Group; excellence in not only designing exquisite hand crafted jewelry by modern production means, but also contributing in carrying forward the ancient jewelry making art of Jaipur worldwide.

Motisons looks forward to reach its goal in becoming one of the best and renowned brands in the luxury industry and commits to crafting the finest jewelry, guaranteeing high quality for its customers and further establishing its goodwill in the international market.